Your Puppy’s First Vet Visit

At R&M Labradors, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible Labrador retriever puppy. We know that your new puppy is going to be a part of your family, and we take their health very seriously. That’s why we give all of our puppies the best start possible by making sure they receive their first vet visit before they leave our care. This visit is an important part of keeping your puppy healthy and happy before they are ready to join your family. All of our puppies also come with a health guarantee that includes their first vaccines and deworming. Our team strives for excellence in all that we do for our dogs, and we want to make sure that you receive a family pet that you will enjoy for many years!

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What Shots Puppies Need Before Leaving Us

As part of our promise to our customers, all puppies from R&M Labradors come with a health guarantee including the puppy’s first shots, a veterinarian health check, and deworming. These shots are an ever-important part of your puppy’s health and will set them up for a long and happy life with your family. The shots puppies need vary based on state laws but typically include Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella which are given around 8 weeks old. Puppies will need another set of shots around the 10–12-week mark and at that time they receive something called DHPP, which is a single shot that includes multiple vaccines.

Our team strives for excellence in all that we do for our dogs, which is why we make sure their first vet visit and vaccines are taken care of. This is how we help to make sure that you receive a family pet that you will enjoy for many years!

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High-Quality AKC Registered Purebred Puppies

We know that when you are making a big decision such as adopting a new pet, you want to make sure your new friend is as happy and healthy as possible. This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards and aim to breed high-quality purebred puppies. On top of our puppies being AKC-registered, R&M Labrador Retriever Puppies is also an AKC-registered breeder. This status is reserved for those who follow rigorous guidelines including going above and beyond to make sure each dog is healthy and happy.

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Our AKC Health Guarantee

As a Labrador Retriever breeder, we hold ourselves accountable for providing you with the healthiest puppy available. Our commitment to our customers is to produce happy and healthy dogs that will not have any major health issues and this promise is based on the AKC health guarantee. As part of this health guarantee, all of our puppies are AKC-registered and tested for genetic health issues. Another inclusion in this program is the puppy’s first vet visit. During this visit, the veterinarian will check over your puppy and provide us with the shots the puppies need. All of these steps are important factors that help to prevent expensive future vet bills. When you are ready to adopt your dog, we will happily provide you with paperwork stating their AKC registration as well as a health record that shows what shots they have already received.

What our clients say...

"Richard was wonderful to work with in deciding if one of his puppies was right for us. We visited the puppies / mom twice before picking up our female yellow lab. He has a clean facility for the dogs and takes excellent care of all of them . His family are all involved in with the puppies so they are used to children. Our Lacie ( white as lace) loves everyone and has picked up commands quickly. I would highly recommend visiting Richard is you are looking for a lab puppy."

- Gail and George Holton